Third parties

If you have already filed a complaint but are not satisfied with the way we have handled it, you can contact Nordea’s Customer Ombudsman. You can also contact relevant third parties, if necessary. Read more on this page.

Nordea’s Customer Ombudsman

Nordea has a Customer Ombudsman who will make sure that your complaint is handled appropriately.

If you are not satisfied with the decision of our Customer Service, our Customer Ombudsman will subsequently investigate your case. The Customer Ombudsman will assess whether the bank handled the complaint correctly and according to good banking practice.

You can contact Nordea’s Customer Ombudsman on this form or by mail: Customer Ombudsman, Satamaradankatu 5, 00020 Nordea, Finland.

External parties independent of Nordea

If you are not satisfied with the solution provided by us you can contact the following external parties that are independent of Nordea:

The Finnish Financial Ombudsman Bureau (FINE) provides settlement help and advises customers in problem situations that have arisen relating to insurance, banking and securities. The Finnish Insurance, Banking and Securities Complaints Boards, which operate in connection with FINE, propose decisions on disagreements. Further information available at: www.fine.fiOpens new window.

The Consumer Disputes Board may propose decisions on disagreements between consumers and businesses when the disagreement concerns the purchase of a commodity such as financial services or an agreement on a commodity. The Board does not deal with matters related to securities. Further information available at: www.kuluttajariita.fiOpens new window.

If your complaint to the company does not result in a satisfactory outcome, you can contact the consumer advisory services at a Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority. They will provide you with guidance and help in resolving a dispute free of charge. Further information available at: new window.

Any customer dissatisfied with Nordea’s decision may put his or her case before a district court if it has not been possible to resolve the dispute by negotiation or by using the aforementioned appellate instances. Customers may leave their case for the decision of a district court regardless of whether they have used the aforementioned appellate instances. Further information available at: www.oikeus.fiOpens new window.

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