Customer Ombudsman

Nordea’s Customer Ombudsman assures that your feedback, ideas and opinions are considered, processed appropriately and in a timely manner. The Customer Ombudsman assesses whether your feedback/complaint has been addressed by Nordea in compliance with good banking practices. In other words, the Customer Ombudsman is at your service to help re-investigate a matter previously resolved by another Nordea unit.

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Give us feedback

Based on your feedback, we can improve our services, develop our products and convey your thanks and suggestions for improvements to the right place.

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Contact a body independent of the bank

Customers are not always satisfied with the solutions offered by Nordea. In such a case, they can pursue the matter with an advisory body independent of the bank or with the authorities.

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This form is for giving feedback. If you want to handle daily banking matters or book a meeting, please contact our Customer Service.

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