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Open an account and services for your underage child online

Our online service is a convenient way of opening a disposal account for your child’s personal use and a PerkAccount for their savings. When your child’s banking needs increase, you can also order a card and open Netbank services for them.

When your child is ready for banking services

You can open a PerkAccount and a disposal account as well as apply for a Nordea Electron card and access codes for your child online.

There is no minimum age limit to the services but the parents decide on how old the child must be to be able to use banking services independently. The parents are liable for the use of the services by their underage child.

The guardians decide on the opening of accounts and services for an underage child’s banking together, so the approval of both guardians is needed for the application unless one of the parents has sole custody. The parents decide who has access to the child’s account. 

Banking services that you can open online for a child

What you need for your application

Passport or identity card with a photo and mobile phone numbers

  • The parent’s passport or identity card with a photo issued in Finland Please note that a driving licence is not accepted.
  • The child’s passport or identity card issued in Finland when ordering a card or opening the Netbank service.
  • The child’s mobile phone number when ordering a card or opening the Netbank service.
  • The other guardian’s mobile phone number

The child’s name must be registered in the Population Information System before opening services online, as we will check the child’s information in the Digital and Population Data Services Agency’s database.

How to apply
Advice for parents

Know your customer – why does the bank ask?

Banks have a statutory obligation to identify and know their customers. In addition to the personal details, the bank must have sufficient information on the customer's business, financial position and origin of funds.

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Identity documents accepted by Nordea

The bank must always be able to verify the customer's identity from an undamaged identity document accepted by the bank.

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Take the Nordea Codes app into use

Download the Codes app from your mobile device's app store. The app is available for iPhones and Android phones and tablets in the relevant app store.

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