Ways to improve the energy efficiency of your housing company

Enhance heating:
You can switch your old heating system to natural gas or enhance the performance of your existing system with an exhaust air heat pump. You will have different options available to you depending on the area in which you live and on the system your housing company currently has. For more information, contact your local energy company or property manager.

Use solar power:
To improve the energy efficiency of your housing company, you can install solar panels on the roof to generate electricity. This electricity can be used by both the housing company and the homeowners. 

Improve insulation: 
Replacing old double-pane windows with ones that meet the current standards will help prevent heat from leaking out and make heating more efficient. 

What you can do as the shareholder in a housing company:

Heating, electricity and water use often account for a significant part of a housing company’s expenses.

By paying attention to your room temperature as well as your electricity and water use, you can help reduce the total costs incurred by the housing company.

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Energy-saving tips for your home:

  • Turn down the room temperature
  • Unplug electrical appliances you are not using
  • Try not to use your car as much, especially for short trips
  • Set your sauna’s electric heater to a moderate temperature and shorten the time you spend in the sauna
  • Use less hot water
  • Use an air source heat pump
  • Use a fireplace if you have one 

A housing company loan can also be environmentally friendly

The most important decisions a housing company makes are often related to renovations and their funding.

Five steps to an energy-efficient renovation of a single-family house

In Finland, living costs account for a large part of your budget if you live in a single-family house. By improving the energy efficiency of your home, you can significantly reduce your living costs.

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Loans to improve your property’s energy efficiency

A renovation improving energy efficiency is a worthwhile investment. The value of your property increases as the energy-efficient renovation reduces the maintenance backlog as well as running costs.

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Do you want to live in an energy-efficient home?

Making small choices every day and paying attention to the maintenance of your home lay the ground for energy-efficient living. By making your home more energy-efficient, you can reduce your carbon footprint and living costs and live more comfortably.

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