Finding your new home

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Towards the home of your dreams

Buying a home is for most of us the most important investment of our lives, and so it makes sense to put in special effort to find a home that truly suits you. Make a list of all the things you want in a home. Are you looking for something new or old, large or small, a place located in the city centre or in a more quiet neighbourhood? Location is also important when your consider how well the home will hold its value. Even though buying a home involves a lot of feelings, remember to keep a cool head. A nice brochure or a stylishly furnished apartment do not guarantee that a place is a good investment. Do more than scratch the surface, read our tips for home buyers.

Get a loan promise in advance

Before you start looking for your first home, come to Nordea and discuss your housing dreams. We will calculate a suitable a housing loan for you, which will also leave room for the unexpected things in life. You can also apply for a housing loan in Netbank or on our website and get a preliminary housing loan proposal.

Right-of-occupancy as an alternative

If you do not have enough savings or other possibilities to buy a home, you can consider a right-of-occupancy home as an alternative. Right-of-occupancy is an intermediate form between owning and renting. You will pay about 15% of the home's purchase price as a right-of-occupancy payment and a monthly charge for use, which is usually lower than the general rental level. You can renovate the home as you like and you do not have to fear that a landlord will sell your home.

Do you want to buy a single-family house?

Buying a single-family house is in many respects different from buying a share in housing company. As a property owner, you alone are liable for the condition of the house and for the repairs. Check the house carefully before you submit an offer. If you are buying a single-family house, we have one key piece of advice: use the help of an expert in both the condition survey as well as in concluding the transaction.

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