Did you know that this is also possible in Nordea Mobile?

Nordea Mobile contains a wide variety of handy features. You can easily check your account balance or the value of your investments in Nordea Mobile, but did you know there's a lot more you can do in the app?

Nearly 900,000 of our customers are already using Nordea Mobile

Nordea Mobile has received good feedback from the users. No wonder, since we are developing it together with our customers. You are also welcome to tell us about your ideas via the feedback link in Nordea Mobile. 

If you have not yet activated Nordea Mobile, please do it as soon as possible. You will need a smartphone or a tablet and Nordea ID app to log in to the Nordea Mobile securely. 

Track your finances in Nordea Mobile

The Insights tab automatically tracks your monthly spending. With a breakdown of your income and expenses by category, you gain a deeper understanding of your finances. This breakdown is only available in Nordea Mobile.

Flexibility for your housing loan

If FlexiPayment is already attached to your housing loan, the easiest way to use it is in Nordea Mobile. In Nordea Mobile, you can also apply for the following changes to your housing loan: 

  • add FlexiPayment
  • apply for an instalment-free period
  • change the due date of your housing loan
  • change the management account (debit account) of your loan
  • change the monthly repayment amount
  • change the method of repayment
  • change the reference rate

Here is how it works: If you want to check whether FlexiPayment has already been attached to your housing loan, log in to Nordea Mobile, select your housing loan on the Accounts tab and view the Loan details. If you apply for a change to your housing loan, select the housing loan on the Accounts tab for which you are applying for a change. When you tap “Apply for changes”, you will be authenticated and directed to the application.

Block card use, check PIN or change card settings

If your card gets lost, you can block its use swiftly in Nordea Mobile, and when it is found, you can also easily unblock it in Nordea Mobile. If your card is stolen, block the card in Nordea Mobile and order a new card. Blocking will prevent the use of the card altogether.

You can also easily check your card PIN or change the spending limit, online use settings or geographical restrictions of your card.

Here is how it works: On the Home screen or on the Overview page in Nordea Mobile, select the card you want to view or edit. You can do the changes listed above in the upper menu: PIN code, Card status, Settings

The bar code reader helps you to pay bills

When making payments in Nordea Mobile, you can scan the bar code at the bottom of the bill with your mobile phone’s camera and avoid entering the billing information manually. 

Here is how it works: tap “Scan invoice” at the top of the Home screen in Nordea Mobile. The camera on your phone will open. Show the code to the camera and your phone will read the code automatically. Make sure that there are no shadows over the code and that the camera is focused on the code. 

Pay the bills in your email with the virtual bar code.

Paper bills usually have a bar code readable by a camera, but the bills that arrive in your email usually contain a virtual bar code. Paying such bills with the virtual bar code in Nordea Mobile is fast and easy.

Here is how it works: Copy the long series of numbers constituting the virtual bar code from the bill arrived in your email. In Nordea Mobile, start a payment and go to the section where you enter the bill’s information. Tap the bar code icon at the top of the screen to activate the camera on your phone. Select again the icon with numbers at the top of the screen. Enter the virtual bar code. The easiest way to do this is to use the copy-paste functionality on your phone.

Start regular monthly saving 

Saving gives security to your finances, and over the years, the interest on your savings will compound. The sooner you make a savings plan and start regular saving, the less money you will need to reach your goals. If you don’t have a monthly savings agreement yet, you can sign one in Nordea Mobile and Netbank on the Savings and investments tab, under Monthly savings. 

Need help with starting monthly saving? Try our digital investment adviser NoraOpens new window. You can also create your own fund portfolio with Portfolio Designer.

If you are already saving in a fund monthly, you can edit your monthly savings amount and the subscription date by selecting Monthly saving on the Savings and investments tab. 

You can do your banking efficiently via chat or by calling Nordea Customer Service. Please identify yourself with your personal online banking codes at the beginning of your call.

Nordea Mobile’s chat also serves you in your personal banking matters. In the chat service, you can do your banking quickly and conveniently without the people around you hearing your personal matters. You can also call our Customer Service from Nordea Mobile easily, as you have already been authenticated and will be put through to your adviser directly.

Here is how it works: Log in to Nordea Mobile and select Chat or Call on the Help tab. You can also see the estimated queueing time.

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