Is your wealth distributed across different assets, such as real estate, forest, accounts, equities and funds? How are you planning to use your wealth? Are you preparing for retirement with your savings or are you looking for financial security to cover future acquisitions or unexpected expenses? What about the next generations?

Systematic approach to goals

Most of us have dreams of how we are going to use our wealth and ideas about how it should be managed. When giving advice on wealth management, we focus on your ideas and on making them clear, taking into account the risks related to your total wealth and helping you realise your investment goals.

Your Premium Banker at Nordea will draw up a personal savings and investment plan for you, which you will regularly update together so that it will always match your needs in all situations in life.

As a Premium Customer you can get advice on legal matters related to your wealth. Our legal counsels specialising in wealth management will help you put everything in order according to your wishes. This service is subject to a fee.

Free from debt or financially independent?

Have you given up on something in order to pay off your debt? Many of our customers want to realise their dreams while repaying their loans.

If you are eligible to become a Premium Customer, you have most likely already reached a point in life where a well-thought-out loan will not ruin your finances. A sensible financial balance does not necessarily mean that you need to be free from debt.

As a Premium Customer you will also get advice on loans. Let’s review together where and when you should take out a loan and how you can make it accrue your wealth.