Children and youth 7-17 years

Nordea provides services for easy and safe banking.

Everyday banking services for minors

A Disposal Account and an Electron card are the basis for everyday services

You can help your child start practising the use of a card when he or she needs to make small purchases independently, for example, to buy a snack after school.

On some busy mornings, you may have had to look for small change in a hurry to give to your child before he or she goes to primary school. In most situations, it helps when a child has a bank card and a separate current account to which the card is linked. It is easy for the parent to transfer the sum needed to the card account in Mobile Bank. Using a card is also safe, as a Nordea Electron card authenticates every purchase, thereby preventing overdrafts.

The card account can also be used for paying weekly or monthly allowances or for other funds intended for the child’s use.  Adults can easily manage the funds on a child’s current account in Mobile Bank and make sure that the child has a suitable amount of cash available. 

A bank account is the basis for handling your finances. Deposit your weekly pocket money or salary from a summer job to a current account. For larger deposits, we recommend a savings account with higher interest.


Saving is the way to make your dreams come true

Opening an account for a minor always requires permission from both guardians. A child’s guardians are usually his or her parents. The grand-parents or godparents can also donate money to a child, but the parents’ (guardians’) permission is always needed for the opening of services (and for receiving a gift).

If services are opened for a child’s own use (typically, an Electron card, Netbank and/or Mobile Bank), the child’s identity card or passport is needed when the services are opened.

It is easiest for the guardians to open services for minors online.

Call Nordea Customer Service

Services can also be opened by calling Nordea Customer Service 0200 70 000 (local network charge/ mobile call charge), if both parents have Nordea's access codes.

Please ask us for more details via Chat or call Nordea Customer Service. 

A template for a guardian’s power of attorney (pdf, 15 KB)Opens new window is also provided on the website. It can be used if one of the guardians prefers to visit a branch alone. In this case, the completed power of attorney can be taken to the branch or a filled-in and scanned power of attorney can be sent electronically using the access codes.

Tip - savings in Mobile Bank

 Savings may have been accrued for a teenager. In the case of accounts, it can be agreed which accounts the teenager can use and which ones only show in Mobile Bank. If a teenager has fund savings or direct share savings, the details of these are shown in Mobile Bank, the teenager as a minor cannot independently make any buy or sell orders.

Banking services for teenagers

As your child gets older, the responsibility for his or her finances can also be increased. Secondary school pupils often have more cash at their disposal as their consumption increases. Then it is convenient to give the teenager access to Mobile Bank in addition to a current account and a card. In Mobile Bank he or she can monitor the account balance and make payments.

Easy-to-use code app

When providing a teenager with access codes for Netbank or Mobile Bank, it is advisable to download the code app on his or her phone at the same time. The code app functions as a digital identity document when online services are used. The code app also enables secure confirmation of online purchases.

Salary and pocket money account for 15-year-olds

Customers aged 15 can open an account by themselves for their salary or pocket money and start using the services that can be linked to the account. They can independently manage these services and their user rights. Services recommended for 15-year-olds: Disposal Account, Nordea Electron card, Netbank, Mobile Bank and the code app.