Check-in Customers learn to take care of their finances and get substantial discounts on Nordea's banking and insurance services. The Check-in customer group is intended for our customers aged 18–28 years.

Check-in customers

As a Check-in Customer, you get valuable discounts on Nordea’s banking and insurance services. Your benefits on products and services include:

  • Nordea Electron and Nordea Debit card free of charge
  • Free online access codes for using Netbank and Mobile Bank
  • Lower arrangement fee on a housing loan

For young people, house-keeping or removal to a home of their own are major changes and may pose challenges. Our expert advisers provide practical tips on how to manage your daily finances and help you cope with major changes in your circumstances. For practical tips on how to manage your daily finances, follow our team specialising in advising young customers on Snapchat at @NordeaSuomi.

Planning your finances? Starting your studies? Financing your studies? Moving into own home? As our Check-in Customer, you get personal high-quality advice at our Customer Service. 

You can manage your finances easily with a mobile device. Mobile Bank and our code app allow you to handle your banking securely. The code app also enables secure payment of online purchases and identification in services offered by other service providers. The Nordea Codes app can be downloaded to iPhones or Android phones and to Android tablets and iPads from the relevant app stores.

Check-out your benefits

Check-in Customers get valuable discounts on Nordea’s banking and insurance services. Check-in also includes products and services that make your life a little bit easier.

Moving into own home

  • Opening of a rental security deposit account for free
  • Housing loan and ASP loan with lower arrangement fee

Realise your plans through saving

  • Investor's service in Netbank for free for the first six months
  • Subscriptions to Nordea funds made under a savings agreement even free of charge

Other benefits

  • Account alerts to your mobile phone at a 50% discount
  • Exchange of currency without a service fee


Everyday banking services
Current account, monthly fee0,00 €2,00 €
Access codes, monthly fee
0,00 €3,00 €
Nordea Electron, monthly fee0,00 €2,50 €
Nodea Debit, monthly fee0,00 €2,50 €
Nordea Credit, monthly fee2,50 €2,50 €
Nordea Credit, annual fee0,00 €0,00 €

Other services

Saver's service*)0 € per month4,00 €  per month
Subscriptions to Nordea funds on the basis of a savings agreement0 % of the amount of the subscription 
0 - 1 % of the amount of the subscription 
First drawdown on a new student loan **)10,00 €
20,00 €
Arrangement fee for a housing loan200 €0,4 % kuitenkin vähintään 300 €
Opening of a rental security deposit account0,00 €40,00 €

*) The first 6 months, after which the normal price is charged.
**) Requires that the customer has made a drawdown agreement.

Contact Nordea Customer Service  

Mon-Fri 8.00 - 18.00

0200 70000 (lnc/mcc*)

* local network charge/mobile call charge