To use a payment ATM you need a Nordea chip card with a PIN.

As Nordea's personal customer, 

  • You can pay bills and also make SEPA credit transfers to the Euro area
  • You can check the balance on your account and monitor the transactions on your bank account or credit account
  • You can get the receipt right away when you pay your bills as express payments
  • You can see which payments are falling due
  • If necessary, you can change payment details
  • You can accept e - invoices

Paying bills is quicker with the bar code.



Price at Payment ATM

One bill paid at Nordea’s payment ATM 

3,50 €
A receipt from Nordea payment ATM:
  • On express payment
0,00 €
  • On a due-dated payment
1,00 € 
Balance query0,80 €
Transaction query1,50 €