OttoPlus is an ATM which enables depositing of banknotes to the account linked to a card right away. OttoPlus ATMs also offer all the same services as the Otto.ATMs: cash withdrawal, balance query, transaction query, Otto & donation and downloading of subscriber connections. The services are available to you 24/7.

OttoPlus ATMs do not have the equipment for handling coins, which means they are smaller than the TalletusOtto ATMs which Automatia has installed up to now. 

You can make a deposit when you have Nordea Bank Finland's Visa Debit, Visa Electron or Mastercard/Visa combination card with the debit feature. Corporate customers can make cash deposits with the Business Visa Debit card and Business Deposit Card.

You can also:

  • deposit all official euro banknotes
  • deposit 100 banknotes or 5,000 euros as a one-off deposit
  • feed only clean and undamaged banknotes into the ATM. This way you ensure the ATM’s 
  • trouble-free functioning.

Deposit limits

The bank has a statutory obligation to identify and know its customers. In addition, the bank is obliged to prevent money laundering and activities related to the black economy.

Due to these obligations, the bank has set a cash deposit limit of 3,000 euros per calendar month for personal customers and 5,000 euros per calendar month for corporate customers.

From the receipt you can always check how much you can still deposit to your account in the current month: “Your deposit limit at ATMs is 3,000 euros per month. The amount you may deposit at cash deposit machines this month is EUR xxxx.xx.”

If you need to deposit more than your current deposit limit is, please contact your account branch. 

Suspicion of counterfeit

The OttoPlus ATM verifies the authenticity of all the banknotes deposited into it in accordance with the regulations of the European Central Bank.

If a genuine banknote is worn out and all of its authentication elements are no longer in order or if the note is counterfeit, the ATM seizes such a note and does not credit its value to the customer’s account. The customer is notified of this on the ATM's display and on the receipt. 

If the banknote is found out to be a genuine but worn banknote in further examination, its value will be credited to the customer‘s account in about a week's time.

If the banknote is found out to be counterfeit, it will be surrendered to the police and its value will not be credited to the customer's account. 

In the latter case the customer can contact the police in about three weeks' time from the date of deposit and make an inquiry concerning the banknote.


OttoPlus ATM
Personal customer's deposit3 deposits free of charge per month, deposits in excess of this EUR 2.50 each and 0.70% of the value of the deposit
Corporate customer's deposit2,50 € / per deposit + 0.75% of the euro value of the deposit
OttoPlus AM
1–4 cash withdrawals per calendar month0,00 €
5th or more cash withdrawals per calendar month, EUR per cash withdrawal1,00 €
Separate balance query0,80 €
Transaction query1,50 €