Interest rate on a CurrentAccountPlus-account 

Account balanceInterest rateInterest payble %
0,01 - 2 000,00 eurosFixed 0,00% 0,00 % 
2 000,01 - 6 000,00 euros*) Nordea DepositRate -2,50 %0,00 % 
Over 6 000,01 euros*) Nordea DepositRate -1,25 %0,25 % 

*) Nordea DepositRate level Opens new window   

Nordea DepositRate
Nordea DepositRate is mainly intended as the reference rate of personal customers’ CurrentAccount.

Determination of interest on CurrentAccountPlus-account
The interest rate of the first tier is fixed 0 %. The deposit interest of the other tiers is variable, and it changes on the day Nordea DepositRate changes. The variable interest rate is determined by deducting the current margin from the reference rate.

Interest calculation method
Deposit interest is calculated for each calendar month on the lowest book
balance of the month according to actual calendar days using 365/366 as the divisor.