Basic payment account

The following services are included in the basic banking services: 

  • Current account (called Disposal account in Nordea)
  • Nordea Debit card
  • Netbank service
  • Strong electronic identification (e-identification)

The more concise basic banking service intended for everyday banking only enables the use of the above-mentioned services. You can choose whether you want to use all of these services or only some of them. 

What is a statutory basic payment account?

Each consumer customer residing legally in an EEA state has a statutory right to basic banking services. When a bank offers basic banking services it treats all its customers equally. 

The basic banking services have special terms and conditions of termination, which means that the bank can give notice on the basic banking services only if there have not been transactions in the customer's payment account for the past 24 successive months, or if the customer no longer legally resides in an EEA state. 

In addition, a bank has the right to terminate the agreements concerning basic banking services if the customer has intentionally used the account for an illegal purpose or provided incorrect information and the correctly provided information would have led to the rejection of the basic payment account and the related services. However, the customer's right to give notice on the services has not been restricted.

A bank is also liable to inform the customer in writing if it rejects the customer’s application for basic banking services. In the written decision, the bank informs the customer of the third bodies to which the customer can appeal the decision. 

Terms and conditions