Your cards always have a PIN. You can choose the PIN yourself or let the bank issue a PIN for you. In Netbank you can choose a PIN for your new card or change the PIN of your existing card. A PIN you have chosen yourself is easy to remember, but please ensure that your PIN is not too easy to guess.

New card and PIN

Whether you apply for a card at a Nordea branch, in Netbank or in Nordea Customer Service, you can choose your own PIN when you have personal access codes. Alternatively, you can let the bank issue a PIN for you.

The new PIN delivery methods make things easy wherever you are

You can now view the PIN of your new card or a PIN you have forgotten in Netbank under Cards > View PIN code. The PIN can also be sent to your mobile phone as an SMS. Alternatively, you can receive your PIN as an SMS or by post to your home address by calling Nordea Customer Service, tel +358 200 70 000 (local network charge/mobile call charge), or by visiting your nearest Nordea branch.


Checking your PIN in Netbank is quick and easy. You will also receive a PIN you have ordered as an SMS immediately after you have made the order to the mobile phone number you have given to the bank. You will find the prices of the different PIN orders here.

Change the PIN of an existing card

You can change the PIN of an existing card. You can make the change in Netbank under Cards>Card editing and renewal. There you can also update your card's other features. In connection with the change, your card will be renewed.

Advice on cards

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Pay safely online

If you want to go shopping on the Internet, register your card for online use.

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Many alternatives

You can apply for a card in Netbank, at a branch or by calling Nordea Customer Service.