Notifying Nordea of a loved one's death

You can notify Nordea of a loved one's death by calling our Customer Service, tel 0200 70 000, Mon–Fri 8.00–18.00, contacting us via chat or visiting a Nordea branch. Nordea also receives a notice from the Population Register Centre upon the death of a customer. 

Handling banking matters before the estate inventory and preparing the estate inventory

Accounts and services

The payment service agreements and direct payment agreements the deceased made during their lifetime will remain valid. The deceased's and the estate's bills can be paid from the deceased's account

  • in Netbank or mobile bank given that Nordea has been notified of the parties to the estate and received powers of attorney from them  
  • by calling Nordea Customer Service or using the encrypted chat and verifying your identity with access codes
  • by visiting a Nordea branch or using a payment service. 

The following services will be terminated: e-invoices in Netbank, the deceased's access codes, user rights to accounts, payment cards and parallel cards. 

Parties to the estate are entitled to obtain information about the deceased's accounts and services on and after the day of their death. The parties to the estate decide on the estate's assets together. The bank can verify the parties to the estate from an extract from the deceased's population register, which can be delivered to Nordea electronically at or by visiting a branch.     

We will automatically send a balance statement of the deceased's bank accounts and loans with Nordea free of charge to the deceased's home address. If a balance statement of the widow's/widower’s accounts and loans is needed, it must be ordered separately. If the deceased had a life insurance policy with Nordea, we will send a balance statement of the insurance separately.

Things to note when filing a life insurance claim

Life insurance claims must be filed separately to the insurance company and this can be done before the estate inventory is prepared. You can find instructions on how to file an insurance claim at (in Finnish). The insurance payout is made in accordance with insurance policy’s beneficiary clause. 

Carrying out an estate inventory within 3 months of the death

The estate inventory deed is a list of all the parties to the estate and the deceased person’s assets and debts. The Tax Administration may grant extended time for making the estate inventory upon application. Often the task of preparing an estate inventory is given to a lawyer or other specialist. 

Delivery of the estate inventory deed and its appendices to Nordea

Banks have a statutory obligation to know their customers and the purpose of their banking.  In the case of an estate, this is done by reviewing the estate inventory deed and its appendices.

A copy of the estate inventory deed and its appendices and the original powers of attorney must be delivered to Nordea before the estate distribution. We will review the documents approximately within a week. We will notify the person who manages the estate's affairs when the documents have been reviewed. We will also notify them if there are any documents missing. The missing documents can be sent to Nordea in reply mail or delivered to a branch.

Handling banking matters after the estate inventory has been made 

The estate can be distributed after Nordea has gone through all the documents provided and notified the person who manages the estate's affairs that the documents have been reviewed. The parties to the estate can authorise one person to do the estate's banking and the estate distribution by a power of attorney. It is possible to keep the deceased's account in case of any tax refunds or for the use of an undistributed estate.

Power of attorney for managing an estates's banking at Nordea
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Estate distribution

The distribution of assets on the accounts in Nordea and the sale of funds and book-entries may be executed by an authorised person at a branch or by calling Nordea Customer Service, tel 0200 70 000, and verifying your identity with access codes. This requires that all documents and powers of attorney from all parties to the estate have been delivered to and reviewed by Nordea before the estate distribution.    

The transfer of fund units and book-entries to the beneficiaries’ book-entry accounts can be handled at Nordea branches. For this, the original valid deed of partition and/or deed of distribution is needed at the bank. A valid deed of distribution is also necessary if collateral inherited by a party to the estate is pledged as security.

Appointment of an estate administrator

In the event of a dispute concerning the estate distribution, a court-appointed estate administrator can be assigned to manage the estate upon application by a party/parties to the estate. After the decision regarding the appointment of an estate administrator has been announced, the estate administrator will be the only person authorised to manage the estate's affairs.

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 We at Nordea believe that in the event of a death in the family, the relatives have so many things to organise and attend to that they do not need any more hassle. That is why we want their banking matters to proceed smoothly just like before.