Sealed custody and closed custody

New safe custodies are no longer opened. Previously opened safe custodies are still kept at the vaults of certain branches.


Premium Banking customer

Premium Banking customer

Price of safe deposit box for Premium Banking customers
Monthly fee
Total height mmFee incl. 24% VAT
under 101 mm7,00 €
101–250 mm8,00 €
251–450 mm9,00 €
over 451 mm10,00 €

The monthly fee for the safe deposit box will be charged in arrears on the 12th day of each month. If the debit date is on a weekend or holiday, the debit will automatically be transferred to the following banking day.

Other costs related to the safe deposit box
Fee incl. 24% VAT
Fee for changing the lock (plus expenses)50 euros
Making a list of the contents of the safe deposit box and drawing up minutesPricing basis is the time used for the provision of the service, 100 euros/hour, minimum 50 euros
Sealed custody and closed custody
Fee incl. 24% VAT
Sealed custody of documents4 euros/month
Change of seal20 euros

Annual fee for closed custody, based on the value declared by the customer;

minimum fee each time

2 % of custody value;

minimum 17 euros/month

Temporary opening of closed custody20 euros

Alternative service

You can contact a branch to find out if they have vacant safe deposit boxes.