If you find saving difficult, our ePiggy service is perfect for you. The electronic ePiggy service is an easy way to start saving.

Your benefits

  • Saving with our ePiggy service is simple and convenient.
  • The more often you pay with a card, the more you save.
  • You can save into any Nordea account.
  • The service is free of charge.
  • Changing your ePiggy agreement is simple.

Using the ePiggy service

You can save into any Nordea account (excluding Fixed-term Accounts and ASP Accounts). Funds will be transferred from your account to the savings account after the card purchase has been debited.

Funds will be transferred into the chosen savings account only in connection with card purchases made in Finland or abroad. If you use your card's credit facility to pay for purchases, no funds will be transferred into the chosen account. 

If you want to, you may limit the maximum savings amount per day or the number of transfers per day.

Savings types

You can choose either a fixed amount or a rounded amount to be transferred into the chosen savings account.

  • Fixed amount means that the same amount is transferred to the savings account in connection with every card purchase.
  • A rounded amount means that the euro amount of the purchase is rounded up to the euro amount you have chosen in the service, and the difference between this sum and the purchase amount will be transferred into the savings account.

ePiggy in Netbank

You can make the agreement on the ePiggy service and change the agreement in Netbank. You can change your savings type, savings amount and savings account. You can also interrupt saving for a while or close the service.