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Nordea funds and portfolio management

An extensive Nordic organisation, strong professional skills and a wide selection provide an important competitive edge

Information about Nordea funds and portfolio management

Based in the Nordic countries, Nordea Investment Management (NIM) attends to the portfolio management of the Nordea funds and the individual asset management of institutional customers.

The surveys completed by institutional customers have indicated that NIM is among the best asset managers in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The results of the surveys particularly highlighted NIM's international expertise and the high quality of its investment services.

NIM has the entire group's investment expertise and resources at its disposal and employs around 250 investment specialists. NIM's extensive international organisation enables its portfolio managers to specialise in different sectors, such as small- and medium-sized enterprises or high-yield corporate bonds, which gives customers a very diverse range of investment funds.

NIM's operating model has been fine-tuned through determined and long-term teamwork. To support the process of selecting investments, the portfolio managers carry out extensive research and analysis covering different sectors and companies across the world.

The official fund prospectus contains information on all Nordea funds registered in Finland. You can find these documents in the Funds Now service.