Our Financial Adviser’s tips for easy digital investing

“Hello, I’d like to start saving. What options do you have for me?”

This is what our customers often ask. You can readily answer them that saving or investing has never been this easy. We’re living in a time when you’re one swipe away from any information, including investments. This has increased the awareness of new and old investors alike and, at the same time, broadened the range of products available. Everyone can find the product that suits their particular needs.

At Nordea, starting to make savings is easier than ever before. You get to become a fund investor within just 7 minutes (or even less). You can choose yourself the digital path to become a fund investor, either through Nora or Portfolio Designer.

Nora is Nordea’s own digital investment adviser who will guide you in how to start investing in a fund. Nora will map out your targets and risk tolerance and make you a suitable recommendation based on these.

If you prefer a still faster way of becoming a fund investor and would like to skip over answering questions about your investor profile, our Portfolio Designer would be your choice. Portfolio Designer will help you create a customised portfolio that will suit you the best. Thanks to our wide-scoped fund offering, you can get closer to your own targets more easily than before. It will be worth your while to take this opportunity.

First ask yourself a few questions

Time is an investor’s best friend, so start investing today. You can start saving in a fund with as little as 10 euros per month. You don’t need to set aside big sums to increase your wealth, as you can start with a small amount and aim at bigger ones along the way. For all Nordea’s own funds available to you, visit the Funds Now page. On this page, you can compare the funds and see the details and investment alternatives of each fund.

A few points to consider before becoming a fund investor:

  • Why save? What made me think of saving? Are you saving for an acquisition to be made after 3 years or for travelling around the world after 15 years? The most suitable product for you will be chosen based on your target and time horizon. Nora can easily help you to choose the right product.
  • For how long am I prepared to save? Diversifying your investments over a period of time is less risky and accrues you the same returns as making a one-off investment. You will benefit from compound interest if you allow your fund breathing space for as long as possible. Savings accounts generally offer a lower return than investments.
  • What kind of return and risk do I want for my savings? The answer will tell you what kind of a fund will suit you. If you prefer to secure the value of the invested capital, a fund with a moderate approach and low expected return will suit you the best. But if you are looking for higher returns, a return-seeking fund will suit you better. However, please keep in mind that in investments, risk and return always go hand in hand.
  • What is the suitable amount for me to save and invest? We recommend that you have the equivalent of two to three month’s expenditure saved in your account as a buffer, and you can save the rest in a fund every month, for example. There are various options of saving available to you – monthly, in one-off investments or in both ways at the same time.

Start today and track your savings in Nordea Mobile

Once you have answered these questions, it’s time to start saving in a fund. Finding the answers will help in your decision-making and also the adviser who will help you in this process if you so prefer.

You will be able to track your investments wherever you are. You can check the performance of your investments at a glance in Nordea Mobile. If needed, you can also manage your funds, so you will never have to wonder how your savings are doing.

If you became interested in saving and investing, act now. You can start easily with a small amount with the help or Nora or Portfolio Designer.

The author is Stefan Beatovic, an experienced investment adviser at Nordea and a regular saver.

Financial Adviser
Stefan Beatovic

Sijoitusneuvojan vinkit helppoon digisijoittamiseen - Stefan Beatovic

Financial Adviser Stefan Beatovic describes the paths and advantages of digital investing in his blog post.

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