Questions and answers about the Mobile Plus and Basic packages?

Questions and answers

Can I still use Netbank if I have the Mobile Plus package?

Yes, you can. You can use Netbank quite normally alongside Mobile Bank without an additional fee.

I have two current accounts. Am I charged a separate fee for the other account?

All your current accounts are included in the package and you are not charged a separate fee for the other account. Savings accounts (PerkAccount, for example) continue to be available free of charge.

The Mobile Plus package requires me to use the mobile bank. What does it mean in practice?

You will automatically be signed up for the Mobile Plus package when you have an account, a card and access codes and are using the mobile bank. 

You are considered a mobile bank user if you have downloaded the mobile bank app (Nordea Mobile) on your phone or tablet and you have used it at least once. 

The mobile bank ensures safe banking anywhere and anytime.