Questions and answers about the Mobile Plus and Basic packages?

Questions and answers

Can I still use Netbank if I have the Mobile Plus package?

Yes, you can. You can use Netbank quite normally alongside Mobile Bank without an additional fee.

I have two current accounts. Am I charged a separate fee for the other account?

All your current accounts are included in the package and you are not charged a separate fee for the other account. Savings accounts (PerkAccount, for example) continue to be available free of charge.

What does active use of mobile bank mean?

The requirement for the use of the Mobile Plus package is that you are using mobile bank. For some customers the active use of mobile bank means that they check their account balance daily and for others that they pay one invoice a month.

I am a Premium Customer. How will my prices change?

The package pricing adopted as of 1 July 2017 is not applied to Premium Customers. In this connection, only the price of the Debit card will change and the other prices will remain unchanged. The current price of the card is 2 euros a month and it will be 2.50 a month in the future.