Does your home need improvement or would you like to buy a summer cottage? Is your housing company planning a plumbing renovation or other repairs? Are you interested in investing? Nordea’s HomeFlex frees up your home equity so that you can realise your plans.

Big acquisitions with small monthly payments

  • Nordea’s HomeFlex always includes an account and a loan.
  • You still own your home and it stands as security for the loan. The loan period is 10 years.
  • We will transfer the HomeFlex loan in full to your HomeFlex account as a lump sum. The interest on your account is the same as the interest you pay for your loan. You decide when you want to use the HomeFlex loan in your account.
  • You can use the loan for any purpose you want, such as a major renovation or acquisition. HomeFlex can be used as usual, as a salary account or a pension account, for example.
  • You can make deposits freely to the account.
  • Make an application at the nearest branch. Book an appointment by calling Nordea Customer Service.

HomeFlex loan

  • The loan period is ten years. During this time you don’t have to repay the loan principal – you just pay the interest. After ten years, we will agree with you on how to continue. Usually this involves a new HomeFlex or a loan for which we will make a repayment schedule.
  • You may repay the loan at any time.
  • The interest on the HomeFlex loan is tax-deductible if the loan is used for a major renovation of your permanent residence or for obtaining income.

HomeFlex Account

  • We will pay the same interest on your HomeFlex Account as you pay for your HomeFlex loan.
  • The deposit interest on the account is credited annually
  • The deposit interest is paid up to the amount of loan taken.
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