Example of an ASP loan and annual percentage rate of charge (APR)

You may be granted an ASP loan when you have saved for a minimum period of eight quarters to your ASP Account and the deposit in each quarter has been between 150 and 4,500 euros. The maximum ASP loan is 9 times your ASP savings, but no more than 90 % of purchase price of your home. In addition, the municipality where the home is located  affects the amount of the interest-subsidized ASP-loan. (NB. From 1 April 2023, it is possible to deposit 4 500 euros into the ASP account during one quarter.)

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Example of an ASP loan 

You take out a loan of 120,000 euros. The loan period is 24 years and interest rate is 4.40% (October 2022). The APR is 4.6% and includes an opening fee of 480 euros and monthly fee of 2.50 euros for automatic debiting of loan payments. The number of payments is 288. The total amount of loan plus credit costs is 196,998 euros. The monthly payment ( annuity) is 679 euros. 

The amount of the loan, the loan period and the interest are representative example for ASP-loans offered by Nordea. The example of an ASP loan does not necessarily correspond to the actual APR charged on the granted loan.