Secured consumer credit

If you have available collateral, a secured consumer credit is an affordable alternative for larger purchases. You can use your home, holiday home or other assets as security.

For financing larger purchases

A secured consumer credit is a flexible and inexpensive solution when you are planning to buy a car, a boat or a caravan or to make some other larger one-off purchase.

As security for your loan, you can use your home equity or other available security.

We will negotiate the repayment schedule, monthly payment and due date together – according to your wishes and life situation.



You can apply for a loan amount that suits your repayment capacity. Make an application in the nearest branch. Book an appointment by calling Nordea Customer Service. 

The loan interest consists of a margin and reference rate and opening and account management fees.


You will need sufficient collateral for the loan. As security for your loan, you can use your home equity or other available security. Consider the use of security case by case and consult our experts to reach the best possible solution.


We will draw up a repayment schedule that suits your life situation.

The repayment method will affect the interest expenses accruing during the loan period. You can repay the loan monthly in equal instalments, equal payments or fixed equal payments.

The choice of the repayment method depends on many things, such as whether you want to pay the same amount every month or whether you prefer paying off the loan within a specific time period.



Most common prices for housing loans and secured consumer credits

Arrangement fee *0,4 %; 300 € minimum
Arrangement fee, Check-in Customer *200 €
Arrangement fee on the loan amount of a loan guaranteed by Takuusäätiö (Guarantee Foundation)2,00 %

Increased arrangement fee when a loan is secured by a third-party pledge or a guarantee
The increase does not apply to interest-subsidised ASP loans

100,00 €
Partial drawdown30,00 €
Automatic debiting of a loan payment / per withdraw2,30 €
FlexiPayment for a housing loan. Including in FlexiPayment to an existing housing loan always requires automatic debiting of loan payments, which is subject to a fee in accordance with the bank's tariff.0,00 €
Advance notice of loan debiting by letter or through Netbank0,00 €
Loan payment, paper invoice6,00 €
Payment reminder to borrower, guarantor or third-party pledger (per reminder)5,00 €

Change in repayment schedule

200,00 €  
Change of the due date or loan servicing account (Minor change of the repayment schedule)40,00 €
Change of debtor or one of the debtors assumes liability for the loan alone**200,00 €
Change of the applied interest or margin200,00 €
Obtaining a guarantor’s or pledge owner’s consent to amend the loan terms, such as the repayment schedule or reference rate35,00 €
Transfer of a loan to another bank upon customer’s request. Charged to the receiving bank**120,00 €
Changing from electronic advance notifications, loan itemisations and invoices to printed ones (change to an earlier agreement on Netbank use)25,00 €
When a credit document is sent to another bank for getting a guarantee or a signature, the debtor is charged, per sending. Does not apply to loans intermediated from government funds. 30,00 €
Certificates requested by the customer stating the amount of debt and paid interest (incl. postage)10,00 €
*) Arrangement fee is charged in connection with the first drawdown and with a raise or renewal of a loan. 
**) Does not apply to loans intermediated from government funds.
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