Flexibility with credit cards and consumer credit

Nordea’s credit cards and FlexiCredit give you flexibility when your finances are stretched. You can get instalment-free months, change the instalment percentage or apply for a raise to your credit limit.

Make changes to credit cards

Manage your Nordea Mastercard repayments flexibly. Also remember to make the most of your credit card when making purchases. You get an interest-free payment period of about 30 days on average for purchases paid with your credit card, for example.

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Make changes to your consumer credit

Read more about what changes you can make to your FlexiCredit, your secured consumer credit, the repayment schedule of your student loan and your car hire purchase agreement.

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Do you need a short-term or a long-term relief for your housing loan instalments?

Nordea’s new housing loans come with a FlexiPayment feature which allows you to take a break from the instalments or pay only part of the instalments in addition to the interest. Another option is to apply for a payment holiday.

Credit cards give you added flexibility

Nordea Mastercard credit cards come with many flexible features.

Read more about how your card can help ease your financial situation and how you can make the changes you want easily in Nordea Mobile or Netbank.

How to change your credit card settings

How to change your credit card settings

Change of the due date of your credit card invoice, the instalment-free months and the instalment percentage:

  • In Nordea Mobile: select the card you want to edit > select ‘Edit credit’.
  • In Nordea Netbank: select ‘Finances’ > select ‘Cards’ > click ‘Apply for a new card or make changes to your existing card’ > select ‘Changes to credit card’ -> click ‘Other changes to credit card’.
  • If you have a Tuohi Mastercard, a Finnair Plus Mastercard or a Stockmann Mastercard but don’t have Nordea access codes, you can make the changes in the OmaLuotto serviceOpens new window.

Raising your credit limit

  • In Nordea Netbank: select ‘Finances’ > select ‘Cards’ > click ‘Apply for a new card or make changes to your existing card’ > select ‘Changes to credit card’ -> click ‘Increase credit’.
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Consumer credit

What kind of flexibility does Nordea offer with consumer credit?

You can apply changes to consumer credit taken from Nordea through our self-service channels or by contacting our Customer Service. Check the instructions for the most common changes below.

Make changes to your FlexiCredit

Make changes to your FlexiCredit

Below you can find instructions for making some of the most common changes. You can make changes to your loan easily in Nordea Mobile – read the instructions here

Further details, terms and conditions and our tariff are available hereOpens new window.

Extra repayment

You can make an extra repayment without notifying us. Just use the account number and reference number shown on your invoice. You will not be charged anything for making extra repayments.

Increasing your FlexiCredit

You can increase your FlexiCredit yourself in Nordea Mobile or Netbank by tapping or clicking the ‘Increase credit’ button. Alternatively, you can increase your credit by calling our Customer Service. Read the more detailed instructions on how to raise your credit.

Instalment-free months

Please note that the instalment-free months cannot be consecutive months. You can add or change instalment-free months free of charge. 

Changing the monthly payment

A reduction of the monthly payment is subject to a fee set in our tariff (5.00 euros). Reducing the monthly payment will lengthen the repayment period. If you want to increase your monthly payment (i.e. shorten the repayment period), you can do so free of charge.

Deferring the due date

You can defer the due date free of charge before your next invoice is created. If the next invoice has already been created, we will charge a fee set in our tariff (5.00 euros) for changing the due date. 

Make changes to your secured loan
Make changes to your car hire purchase agreement
Change the repayment schedule of your student loan
Transfer your consumer loans to Nordea