Plant-based material

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Nordea is committed to reducing its carbon footprint in many different ways. This is also being reflected in the production of our payment cards.

  • Our new cards are made of 84% plant-based material. The new material called PLA is a biosourced and compostable plastic made from plant sugars and maize. PLA is durable and its carbon footprint is smaller than that of traditional PVC.
  • We have streamlined our card supply chain to reduce its carbon footprint.

We are updating our card design across the Nordics, which means more than 7 million Nordea cards will get a new look.

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Cleaner design

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We are upgrading our card design to ensure smooth card payments.

  • The new design is vertical.
  • and all details are printed on the back of the card so that you’ll find all you need in one place.
  • There’s no longer a place for your signature on the card, as you will verify that you’re the rightful cardholder by entering your card PIN. 
  • The details on your card are now engraved instead of embossed, which makes them easier to read and more durable.

We are upgrading our cards starting in late September

The cards that will get a whole new look and material will be our Nordea Gold, Nordea Debit, Nordea Credit, Nordea Premium, Nordea Platinum and Nordea Black cards. Our Stockmann Mastercard and Tuohi Mastercard will also be made of the new plant-based material but these cards will keep their old designs.

We will send you a card with the new design automatically before your current card expires. You can check the expiry date of your card on the front of the card.

Your new card will have the same PIN and security settings as your old one. You can check your PIN and adjust your card’s security settings easily in Nordea Mobile or Netbank.

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Our cards will get a new look starting 25 September.

If you want to have a credit card and a debit card rolled into one, our most popular card Nordea Gold could be the right fit for you.

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If you’re planning to get your child their first payment card, we recommend our Nordea Debit card.

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