Small choices make a big difference

The choices we make every day may seem small but they make a big difference. The more people who stop spending money unnecessarily or choose to live in energy-efficient homes, the bigger the impact we can have together. 

Energy performance certificate

An energy performance certificate is an official document indicating the energy efficiency of a building. It helps prospective buyers or tenants compare the energy efficiency of different properties. 

When applying for a building permit for a new building, the property owner must order the energy performance certificate. Energy performance certificates are also required for properties, or parts of properties, being sold or let. 

A property’s energy performance certificate must be available to any potential buyers or tenants as soon as you start to market a property for sale or rent. Read more about energy performance certificatesOpens new window.

Tips to save energy at home:

  • Turn down the room temperature 
  • Unplug electrical appliances you are not using 
  • Try not to use your car as much, especially for short trips 
  • Set your sauna’s electric heater to a moderate temperature and shorten the time you spend in the sauna 
  • Use less hot water 
  • Use an air source heat pump 
  • Use a fireplace if you have one  

An energy-efficient home has:

  • Good insulation 
  • Energy-efficient windows 
  • Draught-proof structures 
  • Mechanical ventilation with efficient heat recovery 
  • Energy-efficient electrical appliances and lighting

Loans to improve your property’s energy efficiency

A renovation improving energy efficiency is a worthwhile investment. The value of your property increases as the energy-efficient renovation reduces the maintenance backlog as well as running costs.

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What kind of energy efficiency improvements can a housing company make?

An energy-efficient renovation saves on costs, increases the value of your housing company, reduces the charge for common expenses and therefore saves the homeowners money.

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Five steps to an energy-efficient renovation of a single-family house

In Finland, living costs account for a large part of your budget if you live in a single-family house. By improving the energy efficiency of your home, you can significantly reduce your living costs.

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