Get a loan promise in advance

Get a loan promise before you start looking for a home. This way you will know exactly what kind of a home you can afford. In addition, you will have an upper hand as a buyer. The best homes are sold quickly, but as you have already agreed on a housing loan, you can make decisions quickly.

Getting a preliminary housing loan proposal is easy. The proposal preliminarily states the maximum amount of loan, along with the loan period and interest of the loan. The loan proposal does not bind you or the bank, but this way you will get an idea of the price level that suits you best.

For a loan promise, we need a more detailed report on your income and expenses, information on the property to be bought and on any additional security. With a loan promise, the bank commits to finance the purchase of the home under the agreed terms and conditions. Our promise to grant you a loan will be valid for 6 months, but the price of the housing loan stated in the loan promise will be valid for one month.

If you are a Nordea customer, fill in a loan application in Netbank. If you are not a customer, you can also fill in the application on Nordea’s website. You can also always book an appointment for a personal loan consultation.

Reserve enough time for house hunting

The easiest way to start house hunting is to do it online. The websites Etuovi, Jokakoti and Oikotie showcase the majority of homes for sale in Finland. You can also read newspapers and sales brochures. All homes are not sold publicly, so it is worth contacting real estate agents directly. Use a fair amount of time for finding the right home. 

Follow the websites actively and visit several showings of homes in order to get a sense of the price level and condition of the homes in the areas you prefer. This way your wishes become clearer and you will find the home of your dreams.

Take into account the condition of the home

The asking price does not tell the whole truth, as the condition of the home and necessary renovations will affect the value. If your home is in need of renovation, bring a construction expert with you to assess the costs of renovation before you submit your offer. When you have caught the house-buying fever, it is easy to underestimate the costs.

Get information on the housing company's renovations

Renovations to be made in the housing company can be surprisingly expensive so take also this into account when you are making an offer. For example: if the housing company is starting a pipe renovation, add its costs to the price of the home. The real estate agent and the housing manager can provide you with information on the housing company's future renovation projects. It is also a good idea to make comparisons with other homes on sale. You may find a home at a similar price in the neighbouring house where all the large renovations have already been made.

Getting a preliminary housing loan proposal is easy.

Get a loan promise in advance

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