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It’s always a good time to start regular saving

Regular saving brings security to your finances and does not require big income or initial capital.

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Shop smarter online with your credit card

Nordea Gold is a great way to manage your finances and shop safely – especially online. It also offers better consumer protection than many other payment methods.

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Light entrepreneurship is an easy way to earn some extra income

As a light entrepreneur with, you can easily invoice for work performed without a business of your own. Just send in your tax card and you’re ready to go!

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Green housing loan from Nordea

Green housing loan – an eco-friendly choice. You can get a green housing loan if you live in an eco-friendly home or are buying such a home. As a bonus, we offer interest rate hedging to your loan at a discount price and do not charge an arrangement fee.

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Premium Customer, did you already know about these customer benefits?

Premium Customers gain access to a comprehensive range of specialist savings and investments services.

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