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Is your home in need of repairs?

With FlexiCredit, you can do both small touch-ups and larger renovations.

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Time is money. Take up our Save!-challenge

Are you up for the challenge? Start monthly saving today!

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Shop smarter online with your credit card

Nordea Gold is a great way to manage your finances and shop safely – especially online. It also offers better consumer protection than many other payment methods.

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Make the smart move!

Nordea’s credit consolidation service is an easy way of collecting all of your credit and instalment debt from other providers under one credit with your own bank.

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It’s always a good time to start regular saving

Regular saving brings security to your finances and does not require big income or initial capital.

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Premium Customer, did you already know about these customer benefits?

Premium Customers gain access to a comprehensive range of specialist savings and investments services.

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