It all starts with your preferences

It is important for us to design a savings solution that is tailored to you and your life. This includes your needs and preferences both in relation to financial risk and ESG. We will assess how you would like to contribute with your investments by looking at two things. 

Do you have an interest in: 

  • Reducing companies’ negative impact on people and the planet. This includes for instance the company’s climate impact and level of gender equality in its’ board. It also includes if the company adheres to human- and labour rights. Companies should also not be involved with controversial weapons.  
  • Companies’ positive contribution to people and the planet. A company can be considered sustainable if its products and services benefit people and the planet. Examples of such products include health care and renewable energy. The company is however only considered sustainable if the production does not severely harm the environment and societies. It  also needs to follow good governance practices. 

The EU has created a classification system for sustainable economic activities, the so called “Taxonomy”. You can decide how much you want to invest in these activities but the options are currently limited. The taxonomy is still under development and currently only covers a few activities related to climate change. 

Our recommendation 

In order to meet the diverse preferences of our customers, we offer investment products and solutions  with varying ambition levels in regards to sustainability. To what extent negative impacts and positive contributions to people and the planet will be considered depends on your preferences.  

If you find it important to consider negative impacts and positive contribution, we will primarily recommend you investment products marked with the Nordea’s Sustainable Selection heart. The heart symbol is Nordea’s symbol for products that we have assessed and selected based on our rigorous ESG criteria. We do not simply rely on external ratings or other product labels, instead we do our own assessment of both the products and the product managers behind them. Examples of things we look at are: 

  • Are the companies and industries that are the least aligned with a healthy planet and people, and the ones not managing their businesses responsibly, excluded?
  • How important role do the ESG factorsOpens new window have in the investment decisions?.
  • How active are the product managers in using their power to influence the companies they invest in a more sustainable direction?

The approved products are combined into well-balanced investment solutions by our experts. Once we know about your preferences for sustainability and other important factors in your life, we will recommend you the best suited investment solution. 

Remember – Nordea’s Sustainable Selection is a selection of products with a demonstrated level of sustainability and high financial quality. We work hard to review and constantly improve our investment product offering to meet your individual needs and preferences. 

Learn more about how Nordea integrates sustainability risks and manages potential adverse effects on the environment and society in our investment advice and investment decisions. 

For detailed information about each fund or investment solution offered by Nordea, please visit the Funds Now. There you can find information about in each product’s ESG approach in the pre contractual documents. 

Get started with sustainable investing

At Nordea, we want to help you save and invest in a way that best suits you.

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