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Nordea Innovation Stars

A fund that invests in innovative companies in the health care, technology and sustainability sectors and follows Nordea’s established STARS concept.

Combining innovation and sustainability

An actively managed fund that invests in innovative companies mainly in the Nordics but also globally.

  • Focus on investments in the health care, technology, consumer and sustainability sectors. 
  • Focus on identifying innovative companies with growth potential that can penetrate new markets and outperform traditional business models.
  • Around 70% invested in the Nordics and 30% globally.
  • Following Nordea’s established STARS concept with investment decisions based on an assessment of the ESG (environmental, social and governance) work by the companies. 

Which companies are selected for the portfolio? 

The fund invests in 30-60 companies and is managed by Nordea’s experienced team managing Nordic equities. The portfolio managers believe that the Nordics are a very good market for innovative companies as many companies here are also successful internationally. The focus of the portfolio managers is to identify business models with strong return potential offering both competitive advantages and a long-term growth path.

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Important information about fund saving

Please note that historical returns are not a guarantee of future returns. The value of your fund shares can both increase and decrease as a result of the market’s development, and you may not get back all the invested capital.

The information provided on this page is only meant as a product description and is not to be considered as investment advice.