Your security is important for us. That is why we continue to improve our security solutions and services. Nowadays, there are a lot scams and hoaxes in circulation. Learn to identify them, stay alert and you will not be deceived.

Protect yourself against scams and hoaxes

New technologies create new ways to tend to banking with smart devices and online. Different scams and hoaxes are developed at the same pace as the technologies.

Never give or disclose your online access codes or account information to any third parties. Never use the code app or code calculator if a party who has contacted you so demands.

The bank will never ask you to disclose your different codes or the number of your credit or debit card in an email, over the phone or via social media.

Have you been a victim of a scam?

If your information have fallen into the wrong hands or your card has been stolen, you must act immediately in order to minimize the losses. You can block some of the services yourself, but for some you need to contact us. Act according to the following instructions:

  • Block your code app or calculator and your card immediately by calling Nordea Customer Service.
  • The blocking service of cards at tel +358 20 333, 24 hours a day.
  • If you notice something out of the ordinary in Netbank or mobile bank, interrupt the session immediately and call Nordea Customer Service.

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Report an attempted scam

If you want notify us of a suspicious email which seems to have come from Nordea, forward the email in question to us at .

Do not send any personal data to the bank by email. Do not open the links or attachments in a suspicious email as they may contain malware enabling criminals to access the files in your device and thus phish your personal data.

Block your card temporarily or permanently

The fastest way to block your card if you lose it is in Nordea Mobile. And if you find the card again, you can easily open it. If the card is stolen, then simply cancel the card, it will be completely blocked and a new card is re-ordered for you.

Different types of fraud

There are many different forms of scamming. Read and learn about the different variations and be one step ahead of the criminals.

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Card security

If your card gets lost or stolen, block it immediately by calling the card blocking service.

Read more about card complaints and reporting a lost card

Recommendable means of protection

By following our recommendations, you can avoid fraudsters.

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