Nordea stands for equality

We stand for diversity and equality, whether concerning our colleagues or customers. Equality is an integral part of the way we work and at the core of our values.

The situation of various minorities in Finland is sometimes focused topic of public dialogue. At Nordea, our personnel also think there is a need for continuous constructive discussion and social dialogue. To this end, our employees have set up various diversity focused groups operating on a voluntary basis with the aim of promoting equality and a diverse working environment. Another aim is to bring forward the perspectives of various minorities. One of the task forces organises activities throughout the year related to Pride and diversity for the personnel, culminating in the Pride Week.

How do we contribute to a more equitable workplace?

  • We have employee-led groups focusing on fields such as LGBTQ+, ability variation, age diversity, gender equality and cultural diversity
  • We continuously work to raise awareness about diversity and inclusion within Nordea and have developed several guidelines and tools to support this. For example, a new policy on transgender support was launched on 17 May 2022.
  • We have a clear focus on understanding the impact of bias and train our leaders and employees in recognising this. This has resulted in a new bias training also with focus on the customer meeting.
  • Equal parental leave for rainbow parents also in countries where legislation is not yet covering this.
  • Our employees have the possibility to make use of their preferred gender pronoun. The alternatives are he/him, she/her, they/them and ze/hir. 
  • Nordea carried out a survey in 2022-2023 in order to understand what customers belonging to different gender and sexual minorities think about equity in Finnish banks and in the Finnish banking sector. Read more about the survey in Finnish.

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