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Frequently asked questions about the annual cost and charges statement

On this page you will find frequently asked questions about the annual cost and charges statement.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get information about insurance-based investment products or accounts?

If you have insurance policies from Nordea Life Assurance Finland Ltd, you will receive separate annual reports on the funds included in your insurance contracts and other investments. You can check your insurance savings and account transactions conveniently in Netbank or mobile bank.

Why does the information in the statement differ from what I saw when creating the investment plan?

The costs presented at the meeting are tariff-based estimates for a six-year investment horizon. The costs in the annual costs and charges statement are actual costs.

Why does Nordea’s annual cost and charges statement differ from a statement I received from another bank?

The annual costs and charges statement complies with the MiFID II Directive, and every service provider must provide the statement to its customers. The form and the appearance of the statement vary between different service providers.

I’m receiving several different statements. Why do their figures differ from each other?

Different statements have different purposes. The comparison periods vary, and the statements include partly different investment instruments.