Adobe Analytics cookies

1. Nordea uses Adobe Analytics (owned by Adobe Inc.) as its platform for analysing user behaviour and traffic across Nordea’s own websites and mobile apps. Read more about Adobe Analytics here.

2. Nordea is in complete control of Adobe Analytics and only Nordea can access the data. Nordea and Adobe have a data processing agreement and contracts in place, which ensure that Adobe complies with Nordea’s high security standards.

3. Site visitors who have a customer relation with Nordea might experience a personalised version of the site. The personalisation can be based on customer data such as age group or products acquired from Nordea as well as data collected through our website. Combined, these will determine what     content will be highlighted.

4. Adobe Analytics cookies are set on a visitor’s device when a visitor arrives on a Nordea page where there is Adobe Analytics.

5. Adobe Analytics is not a visible component; as a visitor you cannot see it anywhere. It runs in the background from where it records user behaviour and general traffic statistics, which can later be analysed by Nordea.

6. The data collected is aggregated and not used on a personal and identifiable level. All analysis and personalisation are only done for large groups of people (cookies).

7. The Adobe Analytics cookies on the screenshot below are used to check if a user has enabled cookies and to set a unique identifier to the device that is used to visit Nordea.

adobe cookie

This is a screenshot of Adobe Analytics cookies (the annotated ones) set by Nordea on a Nordea website. Cookies can be seen on any website with a few clicks by accessing the browser’s ‘developer tools’

8. Cookies from Adobe Analytics belong to Nordea’s “Site performance and insights” cookie category. 

9. For full details about cookies on Nordea (including Adobe Analytics) click here