DoubleClick cookies

1. Nordea uses DoubleClick (owned by Google) as its platform for buying advertising displayed on external online media. 

2. DoubleClick automates the ad buying process and secures ad space based on criteria specified by Nordea. This means that Nordea's external advertising will be personalised and thus be more engaging to the viewer. Read more about DoubleClick here.

3. For example, advertisements about a topic in which the viewer has expressed an interest while browsing on Nordea may be displayed in advertising to the viewer across the web.

4. The DoubleClick cookies are placed on visitors’ devices when a visitor arrives on a Nordea page where there is DoubleClick or content such as AdWords or YouTube (also owned by Google), which may set cookies on behalf of DoubleClick.

5. DoubleClick is not a visible component; as a visitor you cannot see it anywhere. It is set in the background and the cookie is then tied to the device.

6. Data generated by DoubleClick is sent to Google, and Nordea is not in control of this data. Google can use this data to show relevant advertising to the viewer across the web. Nordea does not allow external advertising on its own sites.

youtube This is a screenshot of the DoubleClick cookie (the annotated one) set by DoubleClick on a Nordea website. Cookies can be seen on any website with a few clicks by accessing the browser’s ‘developer tools’.

7. Cookies from DoubleClick belong to Nordea’s “Marketing” cookie category, as DoubleClick sets and controls the cookies, and the associated data is sent to Google.

8. For full details about cookies on Nordea (including DoubleClick) click here.