Revolving credit facility

Your company can draw down credits from a revolving credit facility in euros or other currencies up to the agreed upper limit.

Benefits for your business

The revolving credit facility is intended for covering fluctuating working capital needs. It is especially suitable for companies engaged in foreign trade.

  • The facility is an easy and flexible way to cover short-term financing needs.
  • The credit interest for an individual credit drawn down from the facility is fixed throughout the credit period.
  • You can renew the credit flexibility.
  • When you have repaid the credit, a corresponding euro amount of the committed facility will be available to your company for further use.
  • You can also hedge your currency loans against currency and interest rate risks.

Features of revolving credit facility

The revolving credit facility constitutes a fixed-term agreements under which the company can draw down short-term euro or currency loans when needed. The revolving facility agreement can be committed (binding on the bank) or uncommitted (not binding on the bank).