How to start exporting products and services abroad? What kind of payment terms you give to your customers, how to prepare for risk of credit losses, how to finance your exports and monitore currency rate movements that affect pricing are just some of the elements you need to consider. With our experience and tailored banking services towards export businesses, we can ease the financial collaboration with your customers and give you expert advice on how to ensure your profitability.

Utilise our experience in your company’s export operations

  • Strengthen your credit score for example with guarantees
  • Avoid credit losses and minimise credit risks
  • Offer your customers the possibility to pay in their chosen currency and keep your prices stable

Bank guarantees

A bank guarantee helps in managing finance-related risks. Use a bank guarantee as security for many types of transactions, such as various deliveries, works contracts, purchases of goods and property or other payment obligations.

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Foreign currency payment

Payment instruction is the easiest way for your company to receive and make foreign currency payments overseas or to other Finnish banks.

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Trade Finance Global

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