Salary payment in Siirto

Salary payments service available in Siirto app enables you to pay your employee's salary in a fast and easy way.

Pay salaries as a convenient Siirto payment

The payroll service allows you to pay your employees’ salaries as convenient mobile payments through Siirto. The salary is paid as a Siirto payment and the service takes care of all pension contributions, insurance premiums, withholding taxes and reports to the authorities for you.

Benefits for payer

  • Pay your employee’s salary as a convenient Siirto payment.
  • The service takes care of all pension contributions, insurance premiums and withholding taxes on your behalf.
  • If you wish, it can also report any tax credits for domestic help to the authorities.
  • Private day care allowance can be stated on the payslip.
  • All payslips are stored in the service.

Benefit for employee

  • The employee receives the salary payment to their account and is notified of the payslip. If the employee is a Siirto user, they will receive their salary immediately.
  • All payslips are stored in the service.

Making salary payments in the Siirto app

You will find the Pay salary in the Siirto app's menu. Select the employee's phone number from your contacts as you would do when making a regular Siirto payment. Next, select the nature of work (e.g. childcare) and the salary amount. Before the payment is ready to be confirmed, the service shows you the final itemised payslip.


When you make a salary payment in Siirto, charges a service fee for the transaction. The service fee is 1% of the gross salary but never less than €4 or more than €10 (incl. 24% VAT). The service fee is charged in connection with the salary payment.

Payroll service provided by

The salary payments in Siirto are delivered by 

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