Invoice your customers without a business of your own – light entrepreneurship

Light entrepreneurship is an easy form of self-employment. As a light entrepreneur, you can invoice for work performed without a business of your own. As a Nordea customer and a new light entrepreneur using the service, you are entitled to a discount on the service fee through this page.

Low threshold to becoming an entrepreneur

Tens of thousands of Finns have already tried light entrepreneurship and become entrepreneurs without a business ID through light entrepreneurship. As a light entrepreneur, you can sell your expertise and invoice for the work performed. If you have considered providing or testing a service of your own or wondered what the life of an entrepreneur looks like, light entrepreneurship might be just the right solution for you. You will not need to worry about bureaucracy or paperwork, as is doing all that for you.

You can read about and register for the service free of charge and you will have to only pay when you need to invoice a customer.

As a Nordea customer and a new light entrepreneur using the service, you are entitled to a 20% discount on the light entrepreneur service fee when you register for the service through this page. To get the discount, you must have a salary account with Nordea.


  • The most popular light entrepreneurship service in Finland, with more than 90,000 users
  • Major operator in its sector, responsible and reliable
  • Quick, easy and agile service
  • Valuable benefits right after your registration
  • Finnish service
  • Professional and multilingual customer service (Finnish, Swedish, English, Estonian, Russian).

As a Nordea customer, you will get a valuable benefit on our cooperation partner’s,’s, light entrepreneurship service when you register for the service through this page.

Light entrepreneurship in a nutshell

  • New, flexible form of working on the side of your salaried work, for example
  • Enables an easy start-up of self-employment
  • You invoice for the work performed as a private person; no need for a business ID or a business name
  • The service will take care of your paperwork, such as taxes, insurance premiums, payment reminders and debt collection, as necessary
  • Also suits work under a contractual relationship based on assignments
  • Does not suit work under an employment relationship, goods trade or operations requiring major investments

Interested in light entrepreneurship?

Light entrepreneurship suits you when you prefer working under your own terms and trying entrepreneurship before setting up a business of your own. If you work on the side of your primary occupation or studies or work occasionally, light entrepreneurship may be the right option for you. Light entrepreneurship also suits you if running your own business takes too much of your time.

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Nordea provides strong support for entrepreneurship and promotion of financial skills and believes that good financial skills help you succeed in life. is engaged in important work for fair entrepreneurship and wants to set an example for the companies operating in the sector. seeks to ensure that everybody can find employment as well as to make tax payments and other entrepreneurial obligations as easy as possible.  

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Any questions?

If you have any questions about the use of the invoicing service, please contact's customer service. You can also visit to find customre testimonials and answers to frequently asked questions.