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Taking action

Taking action - your vital step

To get started on your expansion to new markets, you need a reliable financial partner who trusts in your project. Discover how Nordea can support your expansion adventure.

  • Engage with an experienced financial partner  
  • Use tailored financial products for importers/exporters
  • Get access to extensive market insights

Regardless the character of your business expansion, to get started you need a strong and reliable financial partner who trusts in your project and shares your ambition.

We support your expansion

When you have done your market research and decided on an expansion strategy, you need to identify your banking needs.

In the initial phase of your expansion you will need to cover costs for travel, consultancy, samples, and hiring. Further down the road your financial needs increase to investments in goods, facilities, and/or people while keeping up a steady cash-flow.

Tailored solutions for importers/exporters

We offer a wide range of financial products for companies who do business abroad to secure a steady cash flow and reducing risks and obstacles when receiving payments and buying goods.

Besides the mere banking matters, you get access to import-export data on goods via the Nordea Trade Portal in more than 180 countries. And you get insights into trade patterns.

Nordea - extensive experience

We work with a vast variety of businesses each day and through our global network of partner banks, we can help you in supporting your great expansion ideas. 

We will do our best to help you get a sound and solid financial foundation for your company despite the size or type of your business and no matter what market you are expanding to.

Furthermore, you get access to extensive resources and tools to develop and run your business via the Nordea.

Contact your local Nordea office to get started right away, 

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