Deadlines for files downloaded from file transfer

The times are Finnish time (EET, East European Time zone).


The times are Finnish time (EET, East European Time zone).

Service-specific completion times and storage periods
ServiceCompletion timeStorage period
Electronic daily account statement03.0018 months
Electronic periodical account statement12.00 on the day following the last day of the per18 months
Incoming reference payments03.0018 months
Transaction statementReal-time-
Balance queryReal-time-
Balance Reporting, account statement from a foreign bank Depends on the transfers of foreign banks and the agreement between the customer and the account bank.2 months

Corporate Payments Service, transmission feedback

14 days
  • feedback on the reception
Right after the transmission is over
  • feedback formed of further processing 
About 10 min after the transmission
  • feedback on payment
After the payment
  • feedback on file cancellation
When the payment has been cancelled
Request for Transfer, transmission feedbackRight after the transmission is over14 days
Request for Transfer, SWIFT feedbackOne hour after the transmission14 days
Payment terminal feedbackOne day after the transmission45days
Card alerts21.001 days
Payment terminal file to card company15.007 days
EUR rates8.00, 12.15, 18.001 days
E-invoice through file transfer
  • Invoices to the recipient
03.002 months
  • Rejected invoices to the sender
  • Reception notifications
Production status reportReal-time-
File status queryReal-time-

Security statement
Liability statement

Information on the previous month on the 5th banking day of the month4 months