You will need utility files for processing XML messages. The file can be found on this page. 

You can make a cancellation request concerning a credit transfer or batch of credit transfers to give Nordea an order to cancel the message.

Cancellation request

An instalment or a payment can be cancelled in the Corporate Payments Service provided that the instalment or payment is still unprocessed. The cancellation must be made with a cancellation request message in the XML format (<pain.006.001.01>), which is sent to Nordea's file transfer. This is the only way in which payments can be cancelled in the Corporate Payments Service. You can send a cancellation request message to file transfer either via Netbank's file transfer service or the Web Services protocol. You can use the cancellation functionality once you have adopted the Corporate Payments Service.

The cancellation request functionality is described in the service description of Nordea's Corporate Payments Service.

Tool for forming a cancellation message in the XML format

You can use a feeding form made by Nordea for forming a cancellation request message if your bank connection software does not form it. Before you start using the tool made by Nordea, we recommend that you contact your software supplier and find out whether the software concerned supports cancellation messages. If it does, we recommend that you use it. If the software house does not support the messages, you should notify the software supplier of this.

Use of the tool

The codes to be entered must be exactly the same as the ones in the original message. The identifiers may not contain special characters, such as 'å', 'ä' and 'ö'.

How to proceed

Enter the service code and the identification data of one instalment or payment of the original message to the form.

Press Generate. The program checks that the required data has been entered and forms a cancellation request message.

The program opens a dialog box:

  • 'Open' prints the message formed on the screen where you can save it in the directory of your choice.
  • 'Save' saves the message formed in the directory of your choice.
  • 'Cancel' cancels the operation.

Instalment identifiers (compulsory)

Original message identification

  • Identifier of the message to be cancelled <MsgId>

Bank party identification

  • The service code of the Corporate Payments Service is the same as the one of the agreement.

Original payment information identification

  • Identifier of the instalment to be cancelled <PmtInfId>

Transaction identifiers (only for cancellation of a single transaction)

Original end to end identification

  • Compulsory identifier of the transaction to be cancelled <EndToEndId>
  • Given only if the cancellation request concerns one single payment.

Original instruction identification

  • Non-compulsory identifier of the transaction to be cancelled <InstrId>
  • Given only if the cancellation request concerns one single payment and the Instruction ID has been given with the original payment transaction.
Uploading of files

Upload the cancellation request message to Nordea's file transfer with the file code 'NDCORCANS' and download the feedback 'NDCORPAYL' after uploading. The result of the handling of the cancellation request is notified in the feedback.

Start the toolOpens new window