How can APIs improve your daily operations?

With our APIs your systems and Nordea’s systems will communicate in real-time and automatically perform tasks that are now handled on separate platforms. Our APIs enable you to access information and services where and when you need them and to automate manual routines, remove time lags and lower your risks. When you enter the API economy, you will have more time to focus on what matters the most: your business.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about APIs

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Radiohjälpen raises millions with Nordea's API solution Opens new window

The Nordea premium API Instant Reporting makes it possible for the charity foundation Radiohjälpen to provide a fast and real-time overview of the fundraisings at their live charity events.

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Succeeding with PSD3 by learning from PSD2 Opens new window

Let’s face it: PSD3 is soon here, whether you are ready for it or not. The past year’s PSD2 implementation offers valuable experiences that will come in handy for the upcoming PSD3 implementation.

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What is Open Banking? Opens new window

Open Banking is the practice of providing access to financial services, like for example your bank account information and payments, to other providers than your bank. Open Banking allows the sharing of data across institutions for use by you as a consumer, other financial institutions than your bank and third-party service providers. All based on your consent.

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