Wide range of financing options

Knowledge about the net-zero transition journey in your industry

Commitment to growing sustainable lending

How we can help you with the financing of your Solar PV solution

  • As the largest bank in the Nordics we have helped customers from all industries with financing their net-zero transitions
  • With experience of financing Solar PV systems and trained advisors in all Nordic countries, who understand your financing need and can help you select the right financing option for you
  • We have experience in financing solar power systems and specialized advisors in all Nordic countries who understand your company's financing needs and can help you choose the most suitable option.
  • The financing options we offer include Verde loans that enable lower financing costs and an EIF sustainable development guarantee programme that reduces the need for collateral.
  • We are committed to support the sustainable transition and have ambitious green financing targets for our portfolio (e.g. to facilitate more than EUR 200bn in sustainable financing by the end of 2025)

Solar PV systems, a key part of the net-zero transition

  • Allows for a wide range of applications, from small residential rooftop systems up to grid-scale solar parks
  • Reduces reliance on fossil fuels and can be an important part in your business’ transition journey
  • Can reduce dependency on market supply and even potentially allow you to sell any surplus energy on the market
  • Can help you to manage your business’ energy costs by cutting of price peaks and helping to optimise your consumption

Positive experiences from our customers

Promoting sustainable development as a common value

Kiilholma Invest Oy, together with the companies using its properties, has assessed the advantages of investing in solar power plants. These investments promote sustainable development, but are also lucrative:

  • Solar power plants reduce dependence on electricity bought from the grid and bring considerable cost savings. 
  • The investments promote eco-friendliness, enhance competitiveness and reduce dependence on electricity bought from the grid.

A pioneer in sustainable development

One example of investments in renewable energy is a 300 kWp solar power plant to be built for a mechanical workshop. The plant consists of around 600 solar panels that will cover most of the roof of the production facilities. 

  • Most of the electricity generated will be used at the site. Any surplus electricity will be sold through the electricity grid. 
  • Carbon emissions will be reduced by 19.8 tonnes per year, calculated using the average of combined heat and power production according to the energy calculation method employed in electricity production in Finland. The investment will pay for itself in about eight years.

Financing options for Solar PV systems

Solar PV Loan
Sustainability guarantees
Verde Loan

Nordea’s ESG commitment and responsible procurement

As a responsible financial actor, we play an important role in redirecting the flow of capital towards sustainable investments, contributing to the transition to a low-carbon, climate-resilient and circular economy. We are commitment to support our customer in their just transitions, preserving human rights and mitigating adverse societal impacts in the transition to a low-carbon economy. We expect the same from our customers and thus expect that the procurement is done in a responsible manner.