Opening an account for your business

It is easy to open an account for your business by either using the “Become a corporate customer online” service or setting up an online meeting.

Open an account online

Our “Become a corporate customer online” service is an easy and convenient way to sign up as Nordea's customer and open an account online. You will be provided with a corporate package for managing your everyday banking.  

Using this service requires that your company form is either a registered business name, public limited company, limited partnership or general partnership. Companies in their start-up phase can also sign up for the “Become a corporate customer online" service. You can log in to the service if you have valid online banking codes from any Finnish bank.

Book an online meeting to open an account

Opening an account in an online meeting is easy when you have the required documents with you in Finnish, Swedish or English. You must also have your personal online banking codes from Nordea.

Book an online meeting by calling Nordea Business Centre, tel 0200 26262. They can also help you with other matters regarding starting a business. 


Documents needed for opening an account

  • An extract from the trade register, no more than three moths old.
  • If you are in the process of forming a limited liability company, the extract from the trade register is replaced by a “formation package”, available at the website of the Finnish Business Information system new window. The Memorandum of Association may not be older than three months.
  • A decision of the Board of Directors stating the account users is also required; eg as follows:
    ”It was decided to authorise the below persons to use the account no 123422-12345: [names and personal identity numbers].
  • The person opening an account must also present an identity card. 
  • A company, association and foundation is required to present an extract from the trade register and articles of association. The person who signs an agreement on behalf of a company, association or foundation must be registered in the trade register as a representative authorised to sign for it. Likewise, a person granted the right to use an account must be an authorised representative. 

A copy of the minutes of a board meeting is required depending on the company form of the customer:

Limited liability company

  •  not required if the agreement is signed by persons registered in the trade register as authorised representatives

Housing company and mutual real estate company

  • minutes of a board meeting required 

General partnership and limited partnership

  • not required; signature of one general partner is enough (unless otherwise stated in the company rules) 

Association, cooperative and foundation

  • minutes of a board meeting required