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Frequently asked questions about the Start package for corporate customers

Here you can find questions and answers about corporate customers' service pricing

1. What is the Start package?

The Start package is a service solution encompassing banking services that are suitable for most corporate customers, offered at a lower monthly fee.

2. What banking services does the Start package include?

The Start package includes one corporate payment account, a monthly electronic account statement, the Nordea Business online banking platform, ability to send and receive e-invoices in Netbank, and a Business Visa Debit card. Read more about the solution from hereOpens new window

3. I’m interested in the Start package. How do I proceed?

You can find the instructions for signing up for the package here.Opens new window

4. What are the benefits of the Start package for me?

A package solution is much cheaper for you than if you were to sign up for the services it includes separately.

5. How quickly can I start using the services in the Start package?

Once you have signed up for the Start package with us on the phone, you will get access to the services in a few banking days. We will send you a text message or an email once you can start using the services. The agreements will be sent to you to read through the digital Company documents service.

6. I want to pick my products and services – can I do that?

Yes. You can choose any products or services from our broad selection. However, please note that a package solution is cheaper for you. You can also add extra services to your package. Our specialists can help you with this. 

7. I only need an account. How much does it cost?

The account management fee for corporate customers is EUR 9.70 per month (EUR 12.70 per month as of 1 April). Are you sure you don’t need to use your account in the Nordea Business online banking service? If you do, a Start package will be the cheaper option for you because it also includes the account management fee.

8. I don’t use my account – do I still have to pay for it?

You should close any accounts you don’t use because you will be charged an account management fee for all valid accounts, regardless of whether you use them or not. You can close an account easily by contacting Nordea Business Centre.

9. I couldn’t find an answer to a question I have about pricing for corporate services. Where can I get help?

You can call Nordea Business Centre, tel. 0200 26262 (local rates apply), Mon–Fri 9.00–16.30. We are glad to help.