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FAQ about corporate packages

Here you can find questions and answers about corporate customers' service pricing

1. How and why do I benefit from this?

We are in many ways rethinking the banking experience to make it more available and easy for you to bank with us. We move away from selling single banking products and provide you with solutions to your business needs. To serve you better – both through our advisors and online – we are introducing two corporate service packages that make your daily banking and business operations easier. Learn more about our Nordea Business Start and Plus packages on the following pagesOpens new window.

2. What is included in the packages? What is the difference between the services?

The corporate packages are created to fit certain customer needs, from basic banking to more advanced services. The packages can be supplemented with individual services such as file transfer service. Read more about the different solutions from hereOpens new window

3. How have you tailored the package? What kind of package should I choose?

The packages are designed to meet certain customer needs and are based on input from our customers. They have been created together with our customers. We will help you choose the package that best suits your needs. You can read more about the new corporate packages also from here.Opens new window

4. None of your packages is the right fit for my company.

The packages have been created based on customer feedback and the most common needs related to basic banking services. You can supplement the package also with individual services so that it suits your needs.

5. I want to pick the products I want – can I do that?

Yes, you can pick any product you need or want and pay for them individually either as add-ons to a package or separately without a package. You decide yourself which of the default products included in the package you want to use actively, and they will be available to you anytime.

6. How can I change the package to a more limited or extended one?

You can choose a package or change it online using the form on our pagesOpens new window or by contacting us.

7. I am interested in a package. What should I do?

Choose your package from our web pageOpens new window and fill in the order form for either the Start or the Plus package. Save it to your device and log in to the Corporate Documents service again if you have been logged out of the service because of a time limit. Send the form attached to the message using the “New message” function. You will be notified later that you can sign the agreements in the Corporate Documents service. After this, the package will be available.

8. Do I still have to pay for products that are not included in the package?

If you choose one of the packages, you will pay the monthly fee and may use the services included in the package. If you want to supplement your package with individual services that are not included in the package, a fee will be charged for those services as before in accordance with the currently valid tariff.

9. I do not need any products but just a simple account.

In that case the best option for you is to pay a fee for the service or the account. Are you sure you do not need access to your account in Netbank or Mobile Bank?

10. Why did I receive a letter although I am not Nordea’s customer?

You received the letter because you have a corporate account with Nordea. If you want to increase banking with Nordea or terminate the customer relationship, please contact us, book an online meeting or call us.

11. What kind of digital services do you have?

We offer our customers convenient and comprehensive digital services. As our customer you get for example Nordea’s code app, Mobile Bank and mobile payment solutions such as Google Pay and Apple Pay. We will also launch a new Netbank to our corporate customers during 2019.

12. I do not use the account – do I still have to pay for it?

Yes, if you want to have an account in Nordea, we will charge you an account management fee. If you want to close an account you do not need, please contact Nordea Business Centre.

13. What happens after I have signed up for a package?

You will receive a confirmation by e-mail and/or text message that the agreements are ready to be signed electronically in Nordea’s Corporate Documents service. After you have confirmed the package agreement you can start using the services ordered.

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