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The instructions of using Company Documents

The Corporate Documents service is your company’s digital mailbox, which enables easy, quick and secure banking with us. The service enables you to receive, sign and send documents in an encrypted environment. You can also use the service as your archive.

The Corporate Documents service

In the Corporate Documents service, you can do your banking in an encrypted environment and digitally. You can also use the service for sending and receiving messages with appendices between you and your bank as well as for receiving and signing documents. All the documents you have received with signatures, if any, are automatically filed and saved to the service.

Further information on the functionalities of the Corporate Documents service.
Logging in

Logging in

  • At, select ‘Log in’ and then ‘Company documents’ under ‘Corporate Customers’.
  • Select the bank the personal online banking codes of which you wish to use for identifying yourself for the service – we accept the bank codes of nearly all Finnish banks.
  • After this, write the Business ID of the company you represent in the format 1234567-8 and click ‘Continue’.
  • Identify yourself with the personal online banking codes of the bank of your choice.
  • The Corporate Documents service verifies your right to represent the company from the Finnish Patent and Registration Office’s database and lets you in automatically after a successful verification.
Signing documents
Sending and receiving messages
Receiving documents

Company Documents

Log in to the Company Documents service

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