Import collection

Import collection is a good alternative to an advance payment as the goods can be paid after they have been shipped.

A method of payment where banks forward documents

The seller delivers the goods and sends the documents and the possible draft to its bank. The foreign bank forwards them to Nordea and Nordea advises your company of the collection. As the buyer you will receive the documents when you either pay the collection or accept the presented draft.

Give the seller your bank connection information when you make the order. This way you can be sure that the documents will be routed directly to Nordea. With Nordea's Trade Finance Global -service you will receive information on your import collections electronicallyOpens new window.

Your benefits

  • The seller can grant you credit. Thanks to collection it will be easier for the seller to grant you a term of payment.
  • You can check the documents at the branch before payment.
  • International rules. The ICC Uniform Rules for Collection URC 522 regulate the terms and conditions related to the documents as well as to the time and method of payment.


Our currently valid tariff is available for viewing at all Nordea branches.