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When a customer is making a purchase, you can arrange the financing for it by offering TUOHI Mastercard, Joustorahoitus or eCredit. After the credit has been approved, the customer can take the product home right away and your company will receive the funds for the deal to its account securely and quickly.

  • Credit decision instantly either by e-mail or phone during the opening hours of the shops
  • The customer can make the purchase as soon as the credit application is approved
  • No down payment, security or guarantors are required
  • No credit risk
  • Quick money transfer

TUOHI MasterCard

TUOHI MasterCard is an international charge and credit card. As the most widely accepted credit card worldwide, it is a handy payment instrument in small and larger purchases. With TUOHI MasterCard you can finance the acquisition of small machines, accessories and attachments as well as the down payment needed for the shop or servicing costs. 

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Joustorahoitus is a continuous cardless credit account opened for the customer upon making a purchase. With a credit limit of up to 25,000 euros, Joustorahoitus is a handy and flexible means for financing small and larger purchases. It is suitable for financing all equipment that does not require registration, recreation products as well as construction and renovation. You can also pay your medical expenses, dental care or plastic surgery with Joustorahoitus.

 Joustorahoitus does not include a card, but you can make further purchases within the available funds on the credit in shops that use Joustorahoitus. 

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eCredit is a one-off consumer credit offered by Nordea Finance for the payment of online purchases. eCredit is also suitable for companies operating an online store in such sectors as home electronics, computers, travel etc.

eCredit in a nutshell for merchants:

  • risk-free for online merchants and safe for the consumer
  • a credit decision can be obtained quickly and easily, 24/7 using the customer's online banking access codes
  • no commission, payments are credited in full
  • the purchase sum 200 - 10,000 euros

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Requirements for vendor partners

Nordea offers the vendor cooperation concept to its existing or potential corporate customers.

The operations of a vendor partner must be established and profitable, and its customer finance must be based on the customers' recurring financing needs. This will enable close and profitable partnership from the vendor's as well as Nordea Finance's perspective.

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