Funds investing in fixed income products are an alternative to direct fixed income investments, such as bonds. The investor will gain several investments with even a small sum, which will increase the expected return of the investments due to diversification. Fixed income investments often generate a good yield when equity prices are falling, and vice versa. It is a good idea to spread your investments over equities and fixed income products.

  • The yield is determined by the performance of the fixed income and credit risk markets.
  • You can invest very small sums, as the minimum subscription is just 10 euros.
  • You can buy and sell fund units at any time.


Investment profile
Fund selection
Risk and return


A subscription fee is charged on a subscription (purchase) for fund units and a redemption fee on a redemption (sale) of fund units. You can subscribe for fund units for a reduced fee via Netbank.

Each fund pays the fund management company a management fee, which covers such fund management costs as value calculation, accounting and reporting.

The amount of the management fee is given as an annual fee. The management fee is deducted in the calculation of the daily net asset value per fund unit, and is thus not charged separately. The fee includes a custody fee for fund units.

You can view the fees for each fund in the Funds Now service.